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Our Air Conditioned Kennel in Mesa, AZ

Desert Jewel Kennels are Built for Comfort

We are a small family owned AKC pointing Labrador breeder, we’ve been breeding since 2005.

Currently having only three dogs in our breeding program, all of our other dogs are either retired or didn’t pass their OFA certification and have been sterilized. We keep them and love them as pets.  (They are still excellent hunters, I didn’t tell them)

Our dogs are free range for the most part, we kennel them at night for their safety and security, we do have a few packs of coyotes living behind us. Arizona gets hot during the summer months (about 120 degrees) and believe it or not Arizona also gets very cold (as low as 28 degrees) at night almost year round. The kennel is well insulated and heated for those cold winter nights as well as air conditioned for those hot, dry summer months. Here are some of the features of our kennel:

  • Gender Separated Fenced in areas
  • Large adventure and exercising area
  • Climate Controlled Environment (Heat and A/C at 74 degrees)
  • Individual Sleeping Kennels (4ft x 8ft x 6ft)
  • Elevated Sleeping Beds in each Kennel
  • Elevated Food and Water Bowls for food and fresh water
  • Elevated Removable Flooring for Drainage
  • Two play pools in the back to cool off in
  • Three large shaded water tubs to stay hydrated
  • Large Doggy doors to get out of the heat
  • 24/7 Alarm system and surveillance, so smile if you come out to visit 🙂

Interior Photos

Exterior Photos

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